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-The type of sugar that is calculated in your blood is glucose, a simple sugar of only one Pure Yacon Extract molecule. Fructose is also a simple sugar but somewhat various chemically. Sucrose, the kind of sugar discovered in most fruits, is a disaccharide or double sugar molecule, a combination of glucose and fructose. Glucose is the chief gas burned by body cells for energy.  +
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-Really the funniest components are the sickest parts. 1 this kind of component becoming the realization that the wife really does have an affair when the director could have produced it a misunderstanding all alongside. And then there is the loss of life of the obnoxious neighbor which was not anticipated. I suppose seeing Gene Simmons talk about amputating balls for 5 minutes was kind of humorous. Despite these risque items, the overall acting and plottage was not all that fantastic. Again, Bateman seemed to be the only actor that experienced reasonable lines and performing. The relaxation of the dialogue was just a poor resurrection of Office Area scenarios. Good premise, bad execution.+